How To Paint Concrete Floor Faux Finish

The last decade has seen the return of French style homes with shabby-chic decor. Shops have popped up in certain areas where rusty iron furniture and old chipped furniture is sold to the affluent. The French look became popular in the mid 1980’s with limewashes that created that unique country look.

Limestone or stucco houses are particularly beautiful and authentic when decorated in this fashion. The roofs on these houses are generally tiled. In addition to this, the inner walls can either be finished with thick plaster and then painted or limewashed. Great colors for inside walls include shades ranging from rich cream, to bright yellow, green, terra cotta and vibrant shades of blue.

Modern homes replicate this using faux-finish textures. The choice is dependent on the climate of the region where the house is located. The beauty of such a home is enhanced by wrought-iron balconies and soft blue doors and shutters on the outside. These houses exude warmth, luxury, comfort and romance.

This nation is known to combine style and comfort in perfect harmony. Floors can be concrete polished with a tinted polish or burgundy stone can be used or oak flooring or flagstone. Handmade tiles can bring authenticity to kitchens or bathrooms. Alternatively, simply scaffolding boards can be laid and painted if one so chooses.

Soft furnishings in earth colors reflect the colors of the stone. Canvas is a popular material used in this type of decor. Accents in the form of 18th century Provincial furnishings can be placed around the home to add romantic flair.

Natural colors are beautiful and can be highlighted by darker objects trouves in darker, brighter colors. Whites, off-whites, creams and beiges accented with grey and shades of blue, purple, green or red can create a beautifully classy look. Disrepair is style in this form of decor. Both light and bright colors wok beautifully with dark wood. An antique throw can be draped over the back of a new chair to instantly make it fit in. The chairs should all have footstools or ottomans to serve as a wordless invitation to get comfortable.

While timeless furnishings are best, this is not as important as the charm, beauty and utility of the items. What is most important is that the furnishings have excellent design. Accessories such as handmade pottery, an assortment of copper pieces and toleware, also known as painted-tin. An authentic touch is added with paintings of farm animals, seascapes and rural landscapes. Whether the paintings are impressionistic or realistic is not of relevance.

Accent pieces can be picked up at local dealers or at flea markets and yard sales. Old, dented, chipped and worn items are ideal for creating this look. Gilded mirrors and iron chandeliers are combined with oversized furniture to complement the Provincial homes beautifully and exude that unique romance. Antique fabrics and laces complement these homes. A bright floral or plain tablecloth could be draped diagonally over a table with a pottery or glass pitcher and bright flowers that are arranged loosely.

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Has Your Concrete Driveway Or Pavement Started To Crack?

What will a concrete contractor do exactly?

Pouring sidewalks is an extremely hard project for beginners to tackle; however, using some preparation, the project should provide a visually pleasing product. Before beginning your project, your first need to make sure you have all the necessary tools at hand, and the area where the pavement is to be done is correctly prepped. Pouring pavement is not just about pouring concrete and allowing it to cure; several steps have to be undertaken first to ensure the end result will not bulge, crack, or get damaged after only a short amount of time.

The soil which the concrete is to be poured onto needs to be level and tamped flat. In some circumstances, it could be necessary to install a layer of gravel above the soil, so it will help to drain and avoid cracking set concrete. For extremely strong and durable sidewalks, rebar needs to be laid above the soil before pouring any concrete. This must be suspended a couple of inches above the soil, so it stays in the middle of the slab. Concrete has a tendency to have poor tensile strength, so rebar will provide added strength concrete usually lacks.

The concrete used must also be carefully considered too. Some owners get a cement truck to deliver already mixed concrete, and a sidewalk contractor needs to work fast once the concrete is poured so it will not cure before they finish the job. Concrete could be mixed on the job, with the help of a cement mixer. Concrete comes in different varieties, and the pressure which is measured in PSI has a great impact on the strength of a concrete sidewalk.

After pouring, the concrete has to be finished as quick as possible. To earn more time, builders must work in cooler temperatures; this will ensure the concrete will set slower. A wood float is sometimes used to level out the concrete and prevent bubbles, and a brush is used to create the texture once the concrete sets.

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Curb Appeal: Patios and Doorways

In our search for the ultimate curb appeal, we’ve covered some ground. If your driveway needs a makeover, there are some quick ways to add life to your driveway. If you want to spruce up your walkway, we have ideas. Next on your journey to the front door is the patio.

After you’ve rejuvenated your concrete driveway and concrete walkway or path, it would be wrong to leave your home’s entryway alone. Leave behind the bland front patio and doorway. Add a burst of life here to complete your curb appeal transformation.

Transforming Your Home’s Patio and Doorway: Quick Tips

#1 Add a container garden to your patio.

Switch up your home’s style when the mood strikes — just move your containers and rearrange your plants for a quick burst of life.

#2 Turn to the classic window box.

A window box full of colorful flowers adds a touch of elegance and sweetness to your home’s front face.

#3 Start at the base.

If your patio is covered with branching cracks, you’ve got bigger problems to handle. Shifting foundations and other factors can affect your front steps and patio, causing pieces to shift from each other or cracks to form. Fixing an unsightly concrete patio does leaps and bounds to improving your home’s curb appeal.

#4 Think about architecture.

Brackets and corbels add structure and interest to your patio. Using architectural pieces can add depth and richness to an otherwise plain-jane entryway.

#5 Update the classics.

Add some creativity to your home’s curb appeal. Upgrade the classic small house numbers by purchasing large numbers and painting them a contrasting color. Pop them on your door or near the door. A large, overstated doorknocker brings character to your front door.

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La Empresa

CONCRETO CHACABUCO, “concretó” un emprendimiento orientado hacia la construcción, que genera fuentes de trabajo.

Se trata de una planta ubicada en ruta 7 y C. Pellegrini, lugar estratégico para llegar con los productos a distintos puntos del país. Cuenta con un predio de 2.7 ha., con una planta de 370 m cuadrados cubiertos, 150 metros cuadrados semi-cubiertos y 170 metros cuadrados entre vivienda y oficinas.

En principio, se comenzó con la elaboración de bloques de hormigón y adoquines en distintas variedades.

El proyecto fue generado para ubicar una balanza para camiones con una cómoda circulación interna, como también para una futura ampliación de la bloquera y una planta de hormigón elaborado.

La planta elaboradora de bloques de hormigón, cuenta con una máquina de alta potencia que produce 8 bloques por minuto, producto industrializado de excelente comportamiento para la construcción, asistida entre otras cosas por dos camiones, 1 montacargas, 44 racks y en principio por 10 personas entre operarios y administrativos como también el aporte de terceros que genera éste proyecto, llámese transportistas, herreros, electricistas, plomeros, electrónicos, etc.

* Las especificaciones técnicas de nuestros productos son permanentemente  controladas por el INTI (Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial) mediante ensayos específicos.

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