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Curb Appeal: Patios and Doorways

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In our search for the ultimate curb appeal, we’ve covered some ground. If your driveway needs a makeover, there are some quick ways to add life to your driveway. If you want to spruce up your walkway, we have ideas. Next on your journey to the front door is the patio.

After you’ve rejuvenated your concrete driveway and concrete walkway or path, it would be wrong to leave your home’s entryway alone. Leave behind the bland front patio and doorway. Add a burst of life here to complete your curb appeal transformation.

Transforming Your Home’s Patio and Doorway: Quick Tips

#1 Add a container garden to your patio.

Switch up your home’s style when the mood strikes — just move your containers and rearrange your plants for a quick burst of life.

#2 Turn to the classic window box.

A window box full of colorful flowers adds a touch of elegance and sweetness to your home’s front face.

#3 Start at the base.

If your patio is covered with branching cracks, you’ve got bigger problems to handle. Shifting foundations and other factors can affect your front steps and patio, causing pieces to shift from each other or cracks to form. Fixing an unsightly concrete patio does leaps and bounds to improving your home’s curb appeal.

#4 Think about architecture.

Brackets and corbels add structure and interest to your patio. Using architectural pieces can add depth and richness to an otherwise plain-jane entryway.

#5 Update the classics.

Add some creativity to your home’s curb appeal. Upgrade the classic small house numbers by purchasing large numbers and painting them a contrasting color. Pop them on your door or near the door. A large, overstated doorknocker brings character to your front door.

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